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Eye candy, ear honey #1

Five audio-visual treats…

The Left Rights – I’m On Crack

This has been around for a couple of years and I had never seen it. Not sure I like a world where that’s possible.

Directed by Mike Diva and starring professional Tupac impersonator Josh Hallaway dancing with cats, spinning through space, negotiation Mario Land and other general loopiness, it’s two minutes of lunacy and that’s a good thing. Made me want to be on crack momentarily, until I remembered that would be a bad thing.

Public Enemy – I Shall Not Be Moved

They say class is permanent but I’m sure Chuck D would admit that Public Enemy’s output hasn’t always hit the high-water mark of Fear of a Black Planet. This is a return to form though, with a stripped-back approach that shows that hip-hop’s senior citizens still command attention.

Nobody says “yeah” like Flavor Flav.

And something I didn’t know until today? Chuck D does the play-by-play commentary on PS3 game NBA Ballers: Chosen One

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Fell in love with this the first time I saw and heard it. Without the video, it’s “just” a wonderfully bubbly, hypnotic little dance tune.

The video, however, is an excerpt from a short film called Whateverest by Kristoffer Borgli. It’s funny and sad and brilliant.

The Presets – Youth In Trouble

Since the light electronic mood of Girl and the Sea, The Presets seem to have become increasingly minimalist and edgier. This single, the first from forthcoming album Pacifica just sounds menacing. It’s like they took the idea of “I Feel Love” and decided to write “I Feel Malevolent” in response.

The video, by Japanese artist Yoshi Sodeoka, is like the sort of visuals you would see at raves in the early 90s or on middle of the night “catch the chemically enhanced” music programmes like BPM. Love it.

Perfume – Spring of Life

Yes it’s sugary, manufactured and packaged with forensic detail but come on, how healthy is your musical diet? This tune just cheers me up and it makes me think of shopping in Shibuya once upon a time. Put aside your prejudice and I’ll bet it’s stuck in your head for days.

If Kylie had recorded it, or any of the British girl groups, it would be the sound of the UK summer. (Nod to the brilliant, where I heard about it first)


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