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Hannibal from the A-Team used to love it when a plan came together.

We love it when a plan evolves. Not when it falls apart but when you look back at what the original proposition was and see where needs changed and tastes developed and serendipity entered the frame and changed it all forever.

With that in mind, we thought we would put the plan here first and be able to look back and laugh.

Cafe Sunburn is a place for whatever the hell we like, as a blog should be. The intention is to have a dumping ground for our thoughts on whatever we’re watching, listening to or reading. Simple enough.

We plan to share a tune with you every morning and every night though we probably won’t keep to that.

We plan to have regular features like the Pop Culture Meal Deal where we suggest a book, record and film that complement each other. We plan to do lists of the best lists of films and books about people obsessed by lists and stuff like that. We plan to challenge you on questions like “What is the best use of music in a film?” or “What’s the best reference to a film in a pop song?”

Q: Will you do those back and forth Q&As?

A: Yes, we probably will.

Basically, it’s just a blog but if you like us and you want to write for us, it might be the place where someone too lazy to set up their own blog can vent their spleen, hawk their wares or act as missionary for the church of whatever false idol takes their fancy. Just drop us a line on or on Twitter @cafesunburn

Let’s see how it goes. But in the meantime, we’ll leave you with a tune for the night. It’s a ramshackle live rendition of something that was crafted in advance with good intentions. It’s a little indulgent but expressive. It’s longer than it should be but over time it takes an interesting journey.  What could be more fitting as a starting point?


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